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Misunderstanding when choosing wine cooler
Posted by:Sunnai Electrical Appliance Updated:2012.12.21

With the increasing of wine consumption, wine cooler's need is increasing,too. However, there are much misunderstanding when they choose wine cooler because there are not so much knowledge for wine cooler till now.

First, Stable Temp. inside, however, most of wine cooler could not keep stable temp. during winter, even the machine could not work, such as thermoelectric wine cooler.

Second, stable Humidity, it could not keep stablity only through electric board because there must be some additional box or humidfier,otherwise, it could not have enough humidity when dry day.

Third, virbration, General Technology could reach now.

Comparing with thermoelectric wine cooler, compressor wine cooler could match better for these above both performance. Therefore, when you select your wine cooler, except cost, you should consider other issue,too. Otherwise, you could choose refrigerator directly. No Need wine cooler.

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