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Professional wine cellar selecting
Posted by:Sunnai Electrical Appliance Updated:2012.12.20

Sure that you are wine enthusiast, then, you need professional wine cellar in your house, pls check and take the following step to chosse the correct professional wine cellar for yourself:

***Room Temp. sometime is higher 25C? Yes, compressor wine cellar will be better choice

***Bottel storage? Depend on you storage capacity

***Humidity controller? That is optional,but it is important for storage wine

*** Champagne Storage? Yes, pls check whether they have enough space because most of products developed based on standard 750mL bottle

***Anti-UV?  Needed

***Energy consumption? Yes, compressor type will be better choice

Once you check in details, then, you will get professional wine cellar and sure that you will enjoy it.

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